My name is Hoang Pham. I was born in the northern part of Vietnam, Hai Duong province, my family moved to Sai Gon in 1992, I finished my bachelor degree in Computer Science in the University of Technology in HCMC, then I went to work for a Danish company for two years before moving to Milan to follow my master degree also in Computer Science in Politecnico di Milano. My life totally changed to a new page. I travelled to so many countries, opened up my mind, got the master degree, practiced a martial art that I did not do when I was in Vietnam, after 5 years of practicing, Vovinam is now my favorite martial art. During the time in Italy, I worked for 3 different companies for an overall period of about 5 years. Now, I am about to move to Berlin to work for a startup. I will live in Potsdam and travel to Berlin to work every day by train.

A software developer with strong iOS experience. I have learned the following softwares/languages/tools/technologies:
– Operating systems: Mac OS X, Linux Ubuntu, Windows
– Programming languages: Objective-C, C, C , C#, Python, Ruby, Java, Bash
– Data exchange languages: JSON, XML
– Versioning control systems: Git version control GitX
– Database management systems: Sql Server, Sqlite3 – Integrated development environment: Xcode 3, Xcode 4, Eclipse, Visual Studio.
– Application frameworks: Cocoa Touch, Google App Engine, Ruby on Rails, .net, Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework, Eclipse Modeling Framework, J2ME, Django, DotNetNuke
– Debugger tools: Xcode, gcc, gdb.
– Editors: TextMate, Vi, Latex, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, MarsEdit.
– Image editing tools: Photoshop
– Diagram editors: Omnigraffle Professional, Microsoft Visio
– Blogging softwares: WordPress, Tumblr.
– Other tools and technologies: jQuery, GqlQuery, XSLT, eXSLT, CSS, Firebug, Charles HTTP debugger, Crystal Report, Reporting Services.

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